Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011 Streak Day 193/365: Today I ran

2011 Streak Day 193/365: Run - 2.93 miles, Time - 28min 12sec, Weather - cooler and changeable
After the hiatus it is time to ease back into running. 
Yet another new beginning; yet another climb towards improved fitness. But I am tired of all the stopping and starting, and despair of my ability to regain any level of constancy. 
No self pity though; that is the worst possible emotion. I have to remain dispassionate and work within my limitations; tell myself to look at what I can do and not become deluded by what I want to do. But it is not easy as I have to keep-on reminding myself to be mindful.
Even though today's run felt harder than it should, I tell myself it is at least a run and that is an improvement.
As my last post was about public art I decided to take a picture of the town's war memorial as it struck me that the most common sculptural form in the country was the war memorial. They are in most villages and towns and almost every one is unique. Most are a pillar with a cross but there is a huge variety in the type of pillar, cross and plinth.
I think the Hemel memorial, with its setting and simple planting, is rather fine. 

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