Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 Streak Day 200/365: Feeble

2011 Streak Day 200/365: Walk - 2 miles, Time - 40min, Weather - wet at first then just overcast

Wooh! The 200th day and what do I do to mark this milestone? Yes you are right - probably the weakest day of exercise of the whole lot. A mere 2 miles out and round the park.
I don't even have a decent excuse except for feeling weary. A bad case of CBA and the desire to get away with the very minimum. My only object was to keep the Streak ticking over, otherwise I would have done nothing.
Today's picture is of the walled garden in the park. It is actually inside the ruins of what once was a large house, hence the rather strange doorway. Every year it is planted in this colourful way and it is often used by visitors to the old peoples day centre, next door.
All very nice and exactly the sort of thing you would think everybody would want in their municipal park, except that is not true. Apparently vandals have at times made a mess of the planting causing the gates to be locked  at certain times and cctv a camera to be installed.
It is a sad day when you have to protect park flowers


runtezza said...

Congratulations on your double century.

abradypus said...

200 consecutive days speaks for itself. It didnt need a big run to make it an impressive achievement.