Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 Streak Day 201/365: Nash Mills

2011 Streak Day 201/365: Run - 7.11 miles, Time - 1hr 10min, Weather - coolish, overcast. (July has not been at all summery)

After the laziness of the day before socks had to be pulled up and sinews had to be tightened.  Time for a longer run. (Not a really long run, you understand, just something long by my normal standards).
I eased back the pace and concentrated on keeping my breathing easy, and lo and behold I enjoyed myself. Once more I rediscovered the obvious - running just below the level of heavy breathing, is more comfortable and far more sustainable.
It was my traditional canal route down to what was the old paper mill at Nash Mills. As you can see all that now remains is a heap of finely ground rubble, behind which they are building houses and apartments (in the now familiar style of narrow town houses with pointy roofs). 
Although the paper mill had to go once it became empty and useless. I am sad it has gone. The old brick factory walls and hulking shape dominated this stretch of the canal and was a reminder of both the original character of the waterways and our industrial past. 
But we cannot keep things just out of nostalgia.
However we can hope that the land is then used imaginatively. From the houses they have already built and the drawings I have seen, this looks unlikely.
Nevertheless as this is one of my stock routes I will keep on taking pictures and keep track of progress.

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