Saturday, January 25, 2014

Without Technology (Day 25)

Run - 9.5km, time unknown

A day of technological failure.

I have recently started to run listening to music. Not always;  I still like the idea of both letting my mind wander freely and still be aware of the moment. Without the isolating effect of the music I also feel more connected with the world around me and that is a benefit. However sometimes, especially when I am finding it  hard to motivate myself, I get myself going by reversing the polarities and listen to some music to the accompaniment of a little running.

This morning I woke up tired and even getting ready felt wearisome. The prospect of a run was not enticing but I had promised myself that I would run for an hour - and there could be no reneging on the deal. Music would help, I thought, now where did I put that iPod?. Damn! No idea!. I looked in all the usual places and then (as you do when you are looking for something) went back and looked again (because you are convinced that is where it should be, even if you have just discovered it is not). Bugger!  I could either faff around all morning or go ... I went.

That was OK and in all honesty it didn’t bother me much as music is only an occasional option. So close the door, switch on the watch, and gradually ease into the run. It was a little hard in the beginning but nothing too serious and gradually I started to feel better and once the first hill was out of the way, everything clicked into place and I started to feel good. Except I was no longer running by my heart rate. There figures on the watch had gradually faded away as the battery gently died, and with it all records of my run. That is why I don’t know how long I took. I don’t precisely know when I started, or when I finished and so cannot compensate for the lack of a timer but  as I wanted to run for an hour, that must be how long I took.

So today I ran without any technology and the news is you don’t need it. Everything went well and I returned feeling much more content than I had done when I left, which is, after all, what it is all about. 

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