Thursday, January 30, 2014

Summary of Days 26-30

Another composite entry to show that I have not been completely idle these past few days - mostly idle, perhaps, but not completely inert.

26th - not much of an effort. We visited family for  lunch, after which there was a stroll around a neighbouring park to make it feel like a proper traditional sunday. I would be hard pushed to describe it as exercise but it has to count because there was nothing else. The entire day consisted of: driving, socialising, eating, strolling, driving. 

27th - similarly idle but without the excuse. It was one of those days where I could not get myself going. Sometimes on such days going for a run sorts you out but this time, deep down, I knew it wouldn’t happen, so I went out for a stroll. In itself that was a little bit of a triumph as any other month (apart from June) I wouldn’t have bothered. The day was characterised by general lassitude.

28th - Back in the swing and a 30 minute run. The important point was that after a couple of days rest it felt good to be back and I returned from the run refreshed. It showed that yesterday was not about inertia but instead I had been listening to my body and I just needed some down time.

29th - 3 mile walk,more vigorous than the previous strolls,  it actually felt as if my pulse was being raised. It was made virtuous by the fact that it was pouring down. It was not a day to be out  and if I had run my clothing would soon have been sticking to me and water would have been sloshing around in my trainers - not pleasant. Instead I dressed like a hill walker and trudged.

30th - This time it was a 40 minute run, with some hills, and again I returned feeling refreshed. Huzzah! At the moment that is all I am looking for - to get back home and feel enlivened, rather than drained.

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