Saturday, January 18, 2014

Trombone Shorty Lifts a Dull Week (Days 12-18)

This week has seen a near collapse of Janathon activity - whilst not totally dead the priests have been hovering around the bed whilst others had to struggle hard to find a pulse. Running - where did that go? Cycling - not much since the rains started way back when, Gym - once this week,  Walking - yes that was the thing that just about kept me in the game, Blogging -  there is no excuse.

So what has happened (apart from not a lot)? Simple really - winter cold and sinusitis. Such things are always likely in January and it's one of the reasons I have never tried to run a spring marathon as traditionally I have always susceptible to such things at this time of year. I actually think I am programmed to hibernate but as that is not possible I generally trudge on and wait for the days to get longer and for my spirits to lift. So this week has been all about the trudge.

Basic details: Sunday - 3 mile run but it felt far too hard, Monday - 4 mile walk, Tuesday -  3 miles, Wednesday - nothing, a day of complete inertia, Thursday - 6 miles and beginning to feel better after the rest, Friday - gym and definitely showing more energy and intent, Saturday - back to 3 miles walk but intending to run tomorrow.

There is little more to say except that I have been reading the book by David Epstein 'The Sports Gene'. It is excellent and definitely deserves some consideration on this blog as there are so many insights about why some people excel at particular sports and the relative balance of physical ability, strength of mind, and environmental factors. For my part it raises an enormous question that needs addressing: just why do I run when I am genetically not suited to it? Hah! there's the catch.

Anyway as this has been a rather dull week I think it is incumbent upon me to try to end with something cheery. So here it is: over 2 hours of musical goodness from Trombone Shorty in concert at Tipitina's, New Orleans. If that doesn't lift the spirits I don't know what will.

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Leviton Receptacles said...

Looks like the drummer is inspired. Great concert. Like a big mix of influences. Shorty the next generation on the trombone. Thumbs up to Wesley.