Friday, January 03, 2014

Early Morning Gym (Janathon Day 3)

Gym - 55 minutes, machines various

I have always had mixed feelings about gyms. On the one hand I find them useful for working on strength and general fitness (especially if the weather is rubbish), on the other hand they can be rather joyless. I have bridled a bit at the idea of putting in shifts at a fitness factory. However it is a good thing for me to keep up my membership because if I don’t I don’t do enough resistance work and my strength conditioning slides. 

A couple of years ago I gave up the gym and bought some dumbbells, with the intention of saving money and working out at home - but it didn’t happen. For some strange psychological reason I could never work with the same intensity or have the discipline to maintain a regime. There was no reason why not and I could never understand it, but l always let it slide. There was an initial burst of enthusiasm, good intention and activity, but then a lull, another burst of more good intention, then a longer lull, etc, etc, until the lull took over entirely. Perhaps it is as simple as needing to go somewhere else for a specific purpose, or at least having a dedicated room.  (After all a number of writers either rent an office or have a  shed so they feel separate from their home). Whatever the reason the result was I that I had to recognise the reality,  admit my lack of resolve, rejoined the gym.

So here I am on day 3 of Janathon, at 7:30 in the morning, lifting and pulling weights, bending, twisting, and stretching. Looking round I am surprised at how many other people are here at this time. I thought I was being particularly virtuous being so early but it is not so. There are many others keen to look the new year in the face and promise to themselves that this time it will be different.


Emma StripesandSnapshots said...

I went to the gym on Monday at 6am and it was dead, I was the only one in there! I think it's going to get busy again for the next few weeks though, as is normal for January!

JogBlog said...

When I first moved to Kent, Shaun bought a rowing machine because that was my favourite machine in the gym and there was no gym nearby. That was almost five years ago and it's been used probably fewer than 20 times between the two of us. Now I'm a member of a gym, the rowing machine is still my favourite machine there. I have got weights at home, which I do to a body pump DVD, but my initial enthusiasm has waned and they are now mostly used for holding down the rug in the conservatory.

It takes a lot of discipline to work out at home.