Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Another Beginning (Janathon 2014 Day 1)

Run - 4.8km, Time - 31m, Weather - Ha, I was out early enough to avoid the heavy rain and winds forecast for the rest of the day. It was merely grey.

It would probably be very boring to go into a long explanation as to why I stopped writing about running and abandoned this blog last June. Very boring. The gist is simple: I had a long period when running became hard and left me more tired than refreshed. Even though I kept on (in a reduced and sporadic fashion) there was little pleasure and no satisfaction and so there was nothing to write about.

But that was then. 2014 will be different as I am determined to work my way back to some sort of form. This might mean I have to begin at the very beginning and think of it as a new project, as if I had never run before. It will certainly mean I will not be hard on myself for being slow and running below the level I expect (I might be a slow runner but there are degrees of slowness and I have an inbuilt sense of what I should be doing. We all have our own internal scales). My mantra will be: regular but easy.

And so to Janathon where once again I will attempt 31 days of consecutive exercise, with 4 days a week running. It is good to have a plan.

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JogBlog said...

As you probably know, my running has been sporadic for the last few years. I will join you in the 'regular but easy' routine.