Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Reduced by Boredom (Janathon Day 7)

Run (treadmill),  4.3km, 25 minutes

Another rain lashed morning and another indoor run.

Sometimes treadmills are good. If I want to do a little speed work they help in keeping you to your selected pace. You can also leaven the prospect of boredom by frequently varying the tempo and you can play games by either running pyramids or intervals. At the end if it all works out, and you think you have done yourself justice, it can be quite satisfying. On the other hand there are times when it can be hard, very hard. I don’t know why but on some days it just seems tedious. You look round and know that all you are doing is running on the spot. You really are that mouse in a wheel.

Today was a tedious days, when the more you looked at the timer the slower it went. It was very hard to keep going. I had planned 30 minutes but after only 5  I was debating  the minimum I could get away with. OK I had to do more than 6 but how much more? In the end I decided I had to do at least 20 minutes. When I got to 20 I raised it to 25 but when I got there that was it, I had had enough. And so it ended.

I do not think Day 7 of Janathon will go down as a favourite, except that I did it and I suppose that in itself is a good thing

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