Thursday, January 09, 2014

Not Too Fussy (Day 9)

Run - 4.1km, 25 minutes

Nothing much to report today apart from another day done. I ran for a short time at a dull pace, that was all. Instead lets talk about shoes because I have just bought a new pair of trainers from a most unlikely place: TK Maxx.

I feel confused about this as I like the idea of buying from specialist running shops  but on the other hand what can you do when you see in front of you, in your size, at a hugely discounted price, a shoe you like. The full retail price of the Asics Hyper 33 is £110, as these are last years model the price in running shops would probably be about £70-80, yet here they were for £50. Done! Except that I did hesitate for a little  because I could see the reason they were cheaper - the colour. The version you see in running shops look quite nice in blue but these were dayglo orange beneath a black mesh. Dark hi-viz is a strange, contradictory look.

This left me with an interesting question: what price do I put on appearance? Obviously the most important thing about a running shoes is that it is comfortable when you you run and everything else is a distant second but if I had a choice of shoes that all did the job how much more would I pay for the ones I liked the look of? I really don’t know the answer. All I do know is that when faced with a bargain I was not too fussy

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abradypus said...

I like to think I don't care too much about appearance, but I do baulk at overly pink women's ranges.