Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Within Boundaries (Day 8)

Gym: 45 minutes, exercises - various

Not a running day, instead I was down in the gym for some strengthening (or accurately limiting loss of strength). 

Although some people’s Janathon challenge is to run everyday, for me that would not be wise. It would be doing much too much, all of a rush, after a less active period. It would invite injury.

I am fully convinced that most running injuries are caused by training errors, the foremost of which is doing too much when the body is not ready. It’s understandable when we have schedules and it is initially possible to overrule any subversive messages the body might send. We also have our pride -weak spots, well how could we have any? We  laugh in the face of weakness. But, and this is a big but, it is no good - we are bounded by our weakest link and cannot put too much pressure on it. We cannot, for example, be in the best shape of our life and have a tinsy winsy little problem with our knee that stops us running. 

Listening to your body is a wide ranging exercise that involves being realistic. This can be hard because in our heart of hearts we all dream of being better than we actually are (well I know I do anyway).  But we have to be clear eyed.

With that in mind, my plan for this month is not to try for any great mileage but build up overall strength. Today was upper body and core.

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