Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A New Year's Resolution (Day 21)

Run - 9km, 58 minutes

This was my scheduled run at a lower heart rate and it went quite well, seeing as there was a hill in the middle.

Not a particularly long run as I am building up distance slowly, or rather I am building up time slowly (the only metrics I am paying attention to at the moment are time and heart rate). But I am happy with that as keeping going is my main objective. I have always thought that consistency is all but somehow always struggled to maintain it. This time I want to do better.

Writing this I realise I have a New Year’s resolution: whatever else you do just keep going. We will now see how that works out. I usually don't go in for New Year's resolutions. All I do at the beginning of the year is  look forward and list things I would like to see happen and start to make some plans. I never try to start life improvement changes on 1st of January as in winter your whole body craves shelter and comfort and rebels at the idea of being put through any form of boot camp Spring is a much better time for that sort of nonsense.

But this year I have started trying to be consistent in January

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