Friday, January 10, 2014

The Sky Was Bright, The Hills Took Their Toll (Day 10)

Run - 8km, 48 minutes

At the moment I spend far too much time thinking about the weather, not only because of all the flooding in various parts of the country i.e. the unusual events, but because continual lack of light makes me gloomy and lethargic. So far this winter is all about grey wet days and I really wish it would change. There are however some moments of relief, the odd day or morning, when the sun shines and the is blue. This morning was such a moment. It did not last as it was raining again in the afternoon but at least there was a chance to go out for a run, and feel a bit brighter, early on.

The plan was to take advantage of the sun and run for slightly longer than 30 minutes, probably 50.
I almost made it but in the end was 2 minutes short. A serious person would have put in a little loop just to make the target. That thought did cross my mind but the instantaneous response was “Sod it. this run has been hard enough as it is!”  It had run a route with hills and I was feeling puffed and weak, so going out of my way just to make up a couple of minutes had no appeal. 

There is a strange psychology at work with routes and stopping. If I decide on a three mile route, I will approach the end thinking "almost there, not long to go, Yay stop!"  I really don't want to go any further. However if I had decided on 6 miles, I would have passed the 3 miles and think nothing of it. So it was with me today, even if I didn't have the excuse of hills I would have stopped. Once I arrive back that is it; the run is over.

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abradypus said...

Isn't it odd how difficult it is to run mile four if you planned for three miles and how easy it is if you planned for more.