Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Juneathon Day 15 - So many earlybirds

Juneathon Day 15 - So many earlybirds
Gym - 45min

As there are no good photos to be taken in a gym so I thought I show some horses from the nearby moor. Far more visually pleasing and a definite link with my last post about biophilia.
Today was interesting because I had to exercise early and went to the gym as soon as it opened at 6:30 - new experience. I had thought that it would be like anywhere else when it first opens-up: slowish with one or two customers drifting in whilst the staff got things ready for the day ahead. Days ought to begin gradually and everybody needs to get set. But how wrong could I be: the car park was full, people were lining up for aerobics and spinning classes, the pool had people swimming lengths and the gym was full of people exercising with intensity.
The pre-work work out is a different world. People are very serious and the overall shape of the exercisers was slightly leaner. I was impressed by all the activity, except that I remembered my niece, who worked for a period in a gym, telling me that her gym opened at 5:30 and there were always regulars queuing to get in. In Hemel we are obviously a load of stay-a-beds. 
When I was in the changing room I overheard a conversation between two people who had gone to the spinning class. " I'm not sure I enjoy it anymore. It's something I do because I do it. The kit is laid out and I just go but I don't look forward to it." I thought this was interesting because there were two messages about exercise. One was the strong force of habit in keeping us going, making sure we maintained fitness but the other is about enjoyment. If you don't enjoy something you might as well look for something else because you don't want it to be work, to be drudgery. Really, I thought, we ought to be playing but perhaps 6:30 is not a playful time and the power of habit is really what is needed.
As i said the pre-work work out is a different world

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