Saturday, June 30, 2012

Juneathon 2012 Days 26, 27, 28 - Excuses there were none

Juneathon 2012 Days 26, 27, 28 - Excuses there were none
Gym 30min, Walk 3.5 miles, Cycle 14.8 miles

I didn't post any Juneathon stats with my last post for the simple reason that there were none. I failed! I let a day go by without exercise and what is more there was no good reason apart from an enormous weariness. So I let it slide. It says something about my self discipline that I could not force myself out for even a token dash but I could not overcome my inertia.
"Listen to your body!" is the fundamental advice for all runners and I could summon that up as a justification. Perhaps ... but I'm not sure it is within the rules. Nevertheless I tried to make amends by doing two sessions the following day so that if you screwed your eyes up and didn't look too closely all you would see is 30 days, 30 sessions. Result: Juneathon completed. 
The photo, as you will undoubtably have guessed comes from the cycle ride and is a complete accident. Scrabbling round to get my camera out I obviously pressed the button. I like happy accidents, they show me things I would never have considered - and sunlight through wheel spokes is definitely a subject worth considering (even if I am less convinced by the floating shoe).
P.S. There is however a totally unconscious link to yesterdays blogpost where I talked about a Weight Watchers survey that was designed to show that we are all lazy. One of the questions was  "Do you tend to duck out of regular exercise sessions when you’d rather do something else’ e.g. catch up with friends, relax on the sofa?". I wrote about the survey on the same day as ducking out of exercise and at the time I just did not make the connection.

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