Thursday, June 07, 2012

Juneathon 2012 Day 7 - This is not seasonal

Juneathon 2012 Day 7 - This is not seasonal
Gym - 45min

This does not feel like Juneathon at all. It does not feel like June.

Another day for indoor activity as first the rain poured down and then the wind got up. So blustery that the scaffolding with its mesh sheeting just blew away. Sway, creak, bang, splat and there it was scattered across the road. Luckily nobody was there and so no damage, just inconvenience and problems for the police in tracing the contractors to fix the mess.

Now Travelling Hopefully is doing some sort of treasure hunt for this years Juneathon and taking pictures of what she finds. Yesterday it was twigs. Pah I  have joined-up metal poles - a toppled structure. Twigs indeed!

 As for the gym I quite enjoyed the ways in which it reminded me how far I am  from being an excellent physical specimen, or even a just reasonable physical specimen. This might seem strange to say, as the gap between what I am and what I would like to be is usually a cause of despair, but today it felt like a release. I have to work with the clay I have, recognise where and what I am and not worry about anything else.

I was on one of the mats doing an approximation of a cat stretch when a girl wandered up to the next mat, sat down, legs straight out in front and then bending from the hips, flopped forward so that her head rested on her shins. There is not a chance in a million years, practising hours everyday, that I could get anywhere close to that. In the same way I will never lift some of the weights lifted by the group of muscular men in the free weights corner. It doesn't matter, all I can do is get on with doing what I can

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