Saturday, June 23, 2012

Juneathon 2012 Day 23 - Clog Dancing

Juneathon 2012 Day 23 - Clog Dancing
Cycle - 17 miles, Time - 1hr 14min, Weather - Scudding grey clouds, blustery
As I was cycling into Harpenden I was startled to hear some yells, clatter, drumbeats, and a fiddle. Clog dancing was the last thing I expected - but there it was, happening in a tiny space outside Pizza Express. As is common with many such events in England, the shoppers passed by half turning, glancing out of the corner of their eye, not wanting to become drawn in. A handful of people stood and watched but mostly all the fun was had by the participants.
Seeing as clog dancing developed out of the cotton mills in the time of the industrial revolution, when workers would tap their feet to the rhythm of the machines and then later have competitions to see who could produce the best, most intricate rhythms, it is obvious there would be a team in Harpenden. The dark satanic mills of Hertfordshire are notorious. 
But no! I should not be sarky, it is unbecoming. Long ago I knew there was a team in Harpenden as a friend of mine who moved down from St Helens, joined it. Also the enjoyment the participants get cannot be gainsaid.
Fitness is a growing public health concern and the key thing in getting someone to do something regularly is enjoyment. For people (with more of a sense of rhythm than me) dancing is the answer. I want to see more of this - dancing in the streets.

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