Monday, June 04, 2012

Juneathon 2012 Day 4 - Stretching the definition of exercise

Juneathon 2012 Day 4 - Stretching the definition of exercise
Walk 2.5 miles, Time 2hrs, Weather - cold for the time of year but at least the rain held off.

This is really stretching things too far! By no reasonable criteria can I call this exercise, but for the sake of the Juneathon game that is how it is being classed. Walking at 1.25 miles per hour is unfeasibly slow.  It would be inexcusable if I wasn't walking around a garden, stopping at every couple of yards to look at plants, check names and discuss what we found interesting.

The bank holiday activity was a visit to the Wisley to look at the plantings and see how things could be done. Although I am not the gardener of the family and cannot look-on with a professional eye I can enjoy the more indefinite pleasures of colour, layout, and atmosphere, and pick out plants I find pleasing.

On the whole my favourite gardens are places of contemplation (where the walking pace would, in total, be even slower) but Wisley has so much variety it keeps you moving on.  On a cold day, such as today, that is probably for the best and greenhouses become particularly attractive.

The picture of the greenhouse shows something of the variable weather. Behind me there were patches of blue sky and shafts of sunlight, in front  the dark clouds were gathering. For a few moments everything looked dramatic and then the sun went in and all was grey.

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