Friday, June 01, 2012

Juneathon 2012 Day 1. Limited Expectations

Juneathon 2012 Day 1.  Limited Expectations
Cycling - 16.4 miles, Time - 1hr 15min. Weather - hazily overcast, warmish.

So Juneathon is here again and somehow I must attempt to exercise everyday and then write about it - for a month. Ho hum, this year it might be difficult.

The reason is simple: I am woefully unfit and out of shape (sadly these distinct concepts both apply). Since March I have not felt right and any exercise has been a struggle - so I have done little. That, however,  is boring and I am tired of being feeble. So doing something everyday is an attempt to shock myself back into action.

Actually it will not be too much of a shock as I don't plan on anything ambitious - a little everyday is my only aim. All I want is to find at the end some basic level of fitness, so that I can think of running again with pleasure (at the moment it just feels like a slog).  Walking, cycling and gym work will be the main activities and the motto will be: just keep going.

Today showed how far there is to go. A cycle to St Albans, long break, and then back should not have felt so hard and my heart rate should not have been so high. Though as this is the beginning I am not depressed. It is only a marker. I will now, in a detached way, observe how I get on and note any changes.

Today's photo is taken from near one of the entrances to Verulamium Park. I just thought the abundance of wild flowers looked rather pretty. I rather like municipal parks where they don't try to tidy up every corner

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