Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Juneathon 2012 Day 5 - Back to the Gym

Juneathon 2012 Day 5 - Back to the Gym
Gym - 45min

After the previous day's lollygagging it was time for something that actually felt like exercise: so off to the gym to push some weights.

I have a conflicted attitude to gyms. On the one hand having a variety of machines and weights available is encouraging: you want to try things out, you want to keep a record of the numbers, you want to push on. Also the act of going somewhere, to a space dedicated to exercise, means you have made a commitment and set aside the time. You are in the right frame of mind with only one purpose. But on the other hand gyms are fitness factories and represent the way even our movements have been industrialised and commodified. For some reason I find that a little irksome and want to rebel against the idea that fitness = gym time, when there is a deeper pleasure to be had out of doors. 

Two years ago the balance of my feelings tipped to the negative and I gave up my membership. It was however a mistake and in that time I have lost fitness. For some reason I found it virtually impossible to maintain a strength routine using dumbbells, neither could I stretch regularly. As a result I have lost strength and am too stiff. I also forget about the treadmill. Now I know many people find them dull and don't like them but for me they are a great help with speedwork. I can dial in a pace and force my legs to turn-over quickly, whilst outside I tend to be a bit lazy and just plod along. In the two years since leaving the gym I don't think I have run at any great speed (please remember though that for me speed is a relative term).

 So today was the first day back and as I type this I can feel an allover achiness from pushing weights. I am sure I will be a bit stiff tomorrow but after that all will be good. I might be unfit at the moment but this is the bottom and I am sure I will gradually improve.

P.S. I didn't mention the weather because in the gym it is irrelevant however it is worth noting that the bank holiday weekend ended as it started: cool, grey and damp. So my picture marks this by showing water droplets on leaves.


VR said...

I love that achey feeling after a work out.
I don't think I could ever find my way back into a gym again but if it suits you then great. Keep us posted on the improvements!

Adele said...

'Lollygagging' really? I've never heard this word, how marvellous!

Well done on getting to the gym, it's a funny one isn't it? I like looking at all the other people and their funny ways and wondering what it is they all hope to achieve. And of course gasping as I try to remove the huge weights that some people leave on the machines, how do they do it?!

Highway Kind said...

VR Yes the achy feeling is good but I am not so sure about the stiffness I now feel.

Adele Yes lollygag is an excellent verb, comes from America and means to fool around, dawdle or dally. I know what you mean about those heavy weights (with of course the associated grunting)