Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011 Streak Day 220/365 (Aug 8th): Wash house

2011 Streak Day 220/365 (Aug 8th): Run 2.4 miles, Time 27min, Weather - cloudy cool and beginning to rain
Yesterday was beautiful and we thought the weather might have settled - but no. As we left the house the sky was full of rain clouds that we hoped would hold off long enough. In a way it did  as we were only caught in the spittings but there was a huge compensation: we ran into a rainbow. It was lovely - a dramatic arch, right in front of us, almost in touching distance, but try as we might we could not find the pot of gold.
At mid-day we went to St Jean to eat at a vegetarian restaurant. It was mainly out of curiosity because the definition of  vegetarianism in this part of France is not eating beef. So we wanted to see how it would work. The conclusion was OK ish but it was somewhere we would never revisit.
The whole eco/organic vibe was good and obviously if you are a pioneering venture you have to go the whole hog (perhaps that is not the most felicitous turn of phrase). We particularly liked the tables with tops  made out of papier mâché and legs from cardboard cylinders you find in carpet rolls. The decoration was bright, airy and fun. Unfortunately the food was boring and bland. My main course was roasted vegetables, whose main flavour came from a splash of balsamic vinegar and basmati rice. OK but you expect a little bit more from a restaurant.
So not an outstanding success but never mind there were other things to keep us amused.
Today’s photo is of an old wash house, by a stream on the edge of a small village.  It is quite evocative to see these reminders of what life used to be like.

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