Monday, August 15, 2011

2011 Streak Day 208/365 (July 27): Recovery

2011 Streak Day 208/365 (July 27): Walk - 1 mile, Time 41min, Weather - Overcast, some slight threat of rain
You will note from the stats that something strange, something that hardly counts as exercise, something that barely keeps the streak going. Nevertheless it will have to do and, as ever, there are extenuating circumstances.
Our house is in a small village in Charante Maritime (not too far away from Cognac), a long way and a five and a half drive from Caen, our ferry port. So we arrived at lunchtime with the accumulated tiredness from lack of sleep and long hours in the car. All that could be done in the afternoon was unpacking and a trip to the supermarket for provisions, followed by the evening meal, much wine and a fuzzy easing back.
All that was left was a ritual walk round the village to note any changes and see who is here. It is one of those traditional agricultural villages whose many empty old buildings have been bought and renovated by foreigners (English, Irish, Belgium and Parisiennes). So there are a few holiday homes.
Today most people seem to be in residence and it is not  hard to take 41 minutes to walk a mile if you stop to say hello. This village has a great sense of community. 
In some ways my wife and I are interlopers. We gain entry through association with my sister and brother in law, who own and who have renovated the house. They are the ones who know everybody. Nevertheless we can tag along and enjoy the general atmosphere of friendliness.
P.S. The photo is of a rose growing against the back wall of the house

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fortnightflo said...

What a beautiful picture. Sorry I haven't stopped by for a while - I hope youre strek is still going string....