Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011 Streak Day 219/365 (Aug 7th): In the best of all possible taste

2011 Streak Day 219/365 (Aug 7th): Run - 6.5 miles, Time - 1hr, Weather - beautiful, As I ran the sun was coming up causing the mist to rise from the fields. The rest of the day was one of blue skies and white fluffy clouds.

A good day. The first intimation was the weather: blue sky with the sun rising causing  a mist to hover above the fields. It was beautiful and a day of rain could be considered fair payment for this early morning view. Not only that the running went quite well.
My section up the Beauvais road was the test. I had done this on day 215 when I was surprised at how tough it was, dragging on for over a mile. So tough I had to stop and rest when I reached the crest. Today I wanted to keep going, which I did by trying to kid myself by saying “Ha better than last time!”. As I passed the point of giving-up it changed to  “Oh much better than last time!” and as I went a bit further “Much, much better than last time!”.  Then I went further still until I was back into a rhythm and and could carry on till home.
When I got back I felt good as if it had been some small breakthrough.
The morning was spent at the brocante in Matha. When on holiday I enjoy going to these as they are relaxed and sociable: friends bump into each other and stop to have a chat.  They are a great attraction.
I never buy anything as I have no eye for bargains. To me it is all stuff, heaps of stuff, and I am not too interested. However I take some small pleasure in spotting the worst pieces - and there are some truly horrible pieces: junk and bad taste. Today the junk prize was won by a broken vase where only the neck was whole. It was on the same stall as an old gramophone player in a smashed wooden case (why would you even bother to bring things that were so badly destroyed?). As for bad taste, I really couldn’t decide - there were many awful paintings, many overly ornate objects but i had to give the prize to the thing that amused me most: a mermaid jug. She is modelled laying down, cupping her ample bosom in her hands - pure class! i have a horrible feeling that these might be collectable. 
Afterwards we went for a coffee and were next to a group of two families, with young children, who were obviously sharing a gite. On of the mothers reminded me of the character in ‘Outnumbered’, on edge and reacting to any hint of bad behaviour from her children. One of the youngsters asked “Why have we come to France?” and she replied quick as a flash with that machine gun rattle designed to kill off any dissent: “ Because we like it here - good food, good wine.” I have the feeling that good food and wine are not high on the priority list of a four year old.

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