Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2011 Streak Day 217/365 (Aug 5th): Beehives

2011 Streak Day 217/365 (Aug 5th): Run - Run - 4.96 miles, Time - 45min 07sec, Weather - When running it was overcast and beginning to drizzle, later in the morning the rain set-in and fell like it sometimes does in Wales.

Again the run was harder than it should have been and I took a couple of walking breaks. At the moment I am at a loss about my fitness - it should be easier than this but it isn’t. It is  a test of my basic philosophy of running being primarily about honesty and continuity. You have to be honest about your capabilities: the state of your fitness and abilities, but within those limitations you just have to keep carrying on.
So at the moment we are carrying on.
The run was not without its pleasure however - I discovered a small wood alive with beehives. Why that gave me so much pleasure I do not know, after all beehives are not exotic and a French hive looks exactly the same as an English hive, but there was something about the discovery that put a smile on my face. I immediately thought things were as they should be - crops need to be pollinated and local honey needs to be made, the natural balance was being maintained.
This is an agriculturally rich area.
As you can see from the photo the day was overcast and rainy, which was a bit of a shame for the village picnic, which instead of being in the open in the Marie Gardens took shelter in the salle des fêtes. The idea is simple - everybody brings their own food and socialises. Much wine is consumed. That is all.

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