Monday, August 15, 2011

2011 Streak Day 207/365 (July 26): Night Ferry

2011 Streak Day 207/365 (July 26): Run - 5 miles, Time - 49min 49sec,  Weather - moderately warm

Our holiday started today - but not until 19:30 when we set out to catch the night ferry, so there was plenty of time for a morning run.
Because it was my last home run for some time it was appropriate to go to the canal. Despite most of my recent runs being round the park I still think of the canal as the place I run.
Today was pleasant and I felt quite good most of the way but  not fully at ease because  I stopped bang on 5 miles and didn’t run the extra few hundred yards to my normal stopping point. During the last mile I was looking at the watch regularly to check if I had reached the target and then it was - tick: 5 miles, click: job done.
The rest of the day was spent getting ready. The only thing I didn’t get round to was telling the credit card company we would be abroad for a couple of weeks. Silly boy! That would later cause a minor inconvenience.
I still find something exciting about catching a night ferry. Once upon a time I found airports exciting places with the prospect of flights going to every part of the world. But now all the security, queuing and herding make air travel something to be endured. Boats are far more civilised.
We arrived  fairly early and had time to look at our fellow passengers, in their various vehicles. One lane was full of caravans and another had bikers: motorcyclists at the front and cyclists behind. When I looked at the cycles, equipped for the continental tour with heavily ladened panniers, I felt no envy. I told myself that I ought like the concept of a bike tour but looking at them my only thought was how hard it looked. Perhaps it is the way I think of my fitness at the moment - I don’t think I am up to anything that requires much endurance.
I looked at them and was happy with our option of a cottage down south with the prospect of early morning runs. Something bit gentler.

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