Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011 Streak Day 203/365 (July 22): Dress code

2011 Streak Day 203/365 (July 22): Run - 3.06, Time - 29min 7sec, Weather - mostly overcast

I think of these short runs as being round the park but that is not the whole truth. The park lacks a circular path so the route includes a stretch of a bordering road. It is a loop of about a mile but as I have increased the distance I have lengthened the road bit rather than add extra repeats. Nevertheless I still think of it as my park run.
Today I was amused watching the seagulls on the bowling lawn. They were moving along in formation, pecking at the grass. Probably the groundsman had scattered some new seeds - in which case very few of them will become established. Those birds looked like an organised gang who would not leave food uneaten.
It is one of the things about running - I find myself being amused by very small things. As I chug along my mind plays silly games. I notice the similarity between the white and grey plumage of the birds and the strict dress code of members of the bowling club. Brightly coloured birds would obviously be drummed out and not allowed anywhere near the green. 

You have to have standards.

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