Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2011 Streak Day 210/365 (July 29): Every day

2011 Streak Day 210/365 (July 29): Run - 2.37 miles, Time - 26min 14 sec, Weather - Sun rising on a warm day

This is the pattern: one day at my normal pace followed by a day running with my wife at a slightly easier pace. The different intensities should mean I can run for everyday this holiday - something I have never done before.
I know all the hard core Athoners who run every day for a month and would treat a running streak of a couple of weeks with withering disdain but it has always been my philosophy to have breaks. My 2011 Streak is based on variety, to use muscles in different ways and to mix hard and easy days. I am convinced that repeating the same thing to often leads to staleness. So I have never before tried to run everyday for any period of time. 
But this is a holiday challenge not a training programme. If I was being sensible I would be purposefully building up for the Folkestone half marathon, instead I am only planning to plod more consistently.
Today’s picture comes from an outing to Jarnac, where we took a boat trip along the Charante. Jarnac is the next town upriver from Cognac and the home of Courvoisier, Hine, and Royer cognacs. As we chugged along the great green Charante these houses were pointed out along with much else but my main reaction was to let it all float by and enjoy the beauty of the river and its wooded banks.

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