Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Photothon 18: more cattle

Working on the assumption that you cannot have too many cattle on a running site I ran to the meadow where the belted galloways graze. I had hoped they would be spread-out, so that I could get a nice clear picture of one or two, but they had no intention of being cooperative and all grouped under the shade of the trees in a big jumble. They showed no signs of wanting to move.

They seem very laid back. I walked right up to them and they took not the slightest notice. Maybe they are just contented bovines, happy that they are no longer an endangered breed. Still rare but no longer endangered.


jogblog said...

Your assumption is correct. You can never have too many cattle on a running site.

Highway Kind said...

Running and livestock - now there's a good theme for a blog.

I will have to go in search of sheep now