Monday, June 23, 2008

Photothon 17: wilderness and order

After the lapse of yesterday it is time to be strict. My plan is to run to bridge 156 and so my photograph will have to be of something very close to this bridge. In the event it could not be closer – it is a small detail of the bridge's fabric.

It is not that I am obsessed by brickwork but in just looking closely at something you begin to notice all sots of oddities. In this case a brick is missing, somehow soil has been carried into the gap (by wind, by birds, who knows) and plants have started to grow. It is amazing how life can survive in the cracks and no matter how much we create order wilderness will always manage to poke through.

After looking at the bridge and thinking these thoughts I wandered along a little and sat down by the water, just looking at the lush greenery, feeling content. I had run there and was now resting, taking it easy, knowing the run back would be done at an easy pace.

These days I feel like a running tourist.- it is my version of base training, I am putting some miles in my legs – getting out regularly, looking around and not worrying about much else. I am being patient, content that it is not very ordred


beanz said...

I do hope this will not come to a sudden halt at the end of June.

Highway Kind said...

Who knows beanz, who knows.

My immediate plan is to do 26, which will take me into July.

But after that there will still be photos as I rather like doing them.