Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 Streak: A sense of ending

2011 Streak: A sense of ending

Not with a celebratory burst through the finishing tape, nor with a retirement forced by overwhelming odds,  the 2011 Streak ended. I cannot give a precise reason why I could not carry on but rather it was an increasing weariness and a fading of enthusiasm. For sometimes the whole enterprise had felt like going through the motions rather than something fresh.
I missed the day of my return from France. The shipped docked in the morning and I still had most of the day in front of me but I did nothing. No exercise, no photograph, no notes. After a streak is broken you cannot put it back together again. 
When that happened I felt a sense of relief. A voice in my head said "300 days is not too shabby and anyway what about all those other jobs you have put to one side. Eh?" (You can never escape that voice that tells you you ought to be doing more).
"Yes" I said "it will do. I need to get on and regroup"  A sigh escaped my body and that was that.
The picture of a fizzled out firework is probably appropriate


Adele said...

Well done, it's an incredible achievement! I have enjoyed following your journey and I am sure, when you look back over the year, read your posts and look at the photos, you will find it a great document of one year in your life.

Enjoy the holiday and I look forward going wherever you take us next year.

Anonymous said...

It's been great to be able to keep in touch with your efforts and the photographs have been consistently lovely. 300 is, as you say, not too shabby at all! Well done (and thanks for the introduction to Townes Van Zandt!)

Highway Kind said...

If I have at least one person aware of the late, great Townes Van Zandt, then my efforts have not been in vain