Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 Streak Day 305 (Friday Nov 4th): Going home

2011 Streak Day 305 (Friday Nov 4th): Run- 3.1 mile, Time - 33min, Weather - a bit overcast
Again the routine of running before breakfast. 
There is nothing much to report about the run except that it was slow but with a low heart rate. As this was my last run here I was determined to make sure it was easy and enjoyable - a chance to look around and appreciate.
Instead of the the ferry going from Caen, this time we went from St Malo, which is a much more interesting port. When we arrived there were bright lights and a milling crowd as amovie or TV programme was being filmed on one of the old sailing boats and people gathered to watch.
The action was to the right of the photo (you can see the glow from the lighting on the side of the boat). I took the photo mainly because of all the yellow lines but the kids also looked rather cute discussing the finer points of filming.
Whilst waiting for the ferry we went to a bar. A cat was sleeping on one of the bench seats. There were two other people huddled over their drinks at a corner table, speaking softly. A girl came in sat at the bar and over her drink chatted to the barman, they were friends. I thought that if this was one of the last experiences in France on this trip, then it was a good one - bars are meant to be like this.  

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