Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 Streak Day 300 (Sunday 30th October): Easy day

2011 Streak Day 300 (Sunday 30th October):Walk 3 miles, time 1hr, Weather - mostly overcast

Sunday and time for a day sight-seeing - going somewhere new. Confolens is a medieval town on the confluence of two rivers that has retained the narrow, jumbly street structure and many very old buildings. In the 19th Century it was, apparently the administrative centre for the surrounding agricultural region but it has not grown since then and has the atmosphere of being stuck. The population has declined as people have moved from the land and despite its beauty it does not have the tourist infrastructure of caf├ęs, bars and shops. 
It was all a bit weird to go somewhere that felt quite so shut. The plan had been the obvious one of wandering around, seeing the sights, taking photos, eating and then going home, which worked just fine except for the eating. There was nowhere.
We asked around and were told about a place a few miles away by an old railway track. It looked like the functional shed of a traditional truck stop but of course the food was nothing like and so all was well.
All in all it felt like a easy paced day off - something that needs to be built into every schedule

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