Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Run, Many Fish

I was running by the canal when a lady called me over. “look at all the fish” she said “there are so many I cant believe it. I have been looking at them for a long time and wanted to share it with someone. You're the first person to come by in ages. Look how big some of them are. I saw a pike down there really big; at least I think it was a pike.”

We peered into the water and it was true, the water was alive with fish. Our side of the canal was in the sun and the other side shaded by trees, perhaps the fish like the light. Below us, close to the bank, was the large pike, totally still, waiting, sinister.

Someone else came by and we extended the fish conversation. He said he had seen the pike before near some tiny moorhen chicks and he had driven it off by throwing stones. He then said that the fish often gather here but the fishermen seem to sit further along . He didn't know why, maybe they have some deep strategy. I was reminded of the Steve Wright “There's a fine line between fishing and just standing by the shore like an idiot”.

The fish were mostly roach but I also saw a perch and I was fascinated looking at them all. When you run you do not see below the surface so I was grateful for this lady bringing three strangers together to share a few moments and look at what was around us.


Em said...

I live by a river, and took it for granted much of the time, but now I run all year round (along following the river path), and get to see fields full of horses, lambs etc., and really notice the changing of the seasons. I can see why running on a treadmill in the garage used to bore me so much by comparison.

Highway Kind said...

Yes - I have always thought that feeling part of the environment and noticing the changes, is an important part of runnning.

The other bits are training

Adele said...

It's great the encounters you have whilst out running and the odd things you see.