Monday, May 12, 2008

Bluebell Woods

The bluebells have been spectacular this year. So yesterday I remembered to take my camera.

These really are beautiful beech woods and whenever I run along the footpaths I feel very fortunate. Whatever the shape I am in, however laboured the effort, it doesn't matter. Just being here, being able to move, to breath and to listen, is enough. (listening refers particularly to the birdsong , which can often fill the air).

The best time to run is fairly early in the morning before most people arrive. When it is quieter it is common to see the deer, as in this photo.

In parts of the wood there is just a carpet of blue.

At other times it looks like a lake.


P.Hill said...

Those pictures are fantastic. My wife walked past my laptop and grabed my shoulder and asked me who and where are those?

Highway Kind said...

We might not have the grandeur of Snowdonia but the Chilterns have their moments

Joggerblogger said...

What a great set of pictures :-) you have got to love the UK at this time of the year - AWESOME as some may say.

beanz said...

fantastic - thank you

Highway Kind said...

I think it looks particularly good this year because we have switched from damp and miserable to sunny very quickly. There is a delicious mixture of fresh green and heat.

Hi Beanz
It must be beautiful in Derbyshire as well. Isn't it good to be out when it's like this?