Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Looking

Although the last post was partly about appreciating the gracefulness of some runners, I like to look at all runners. When I am out walking, on a bus, in a car, whatever, if I see someone running I always pay attention to the way they move and I am just fascinated by the huge variations in style. I don't know if you an make any valid judgements on a persons character by the way they move but you can see indicators like tension, determination, enjoyment, and relaxation.

When I used to work near the river I always went out for a walk (rather than a run) at lunch time. I often passed a man with a rather large belly, dressed in an immaculate white cotton t-shirt and baggy khaki shorts, who ran slowly and deliberately along the foot path. Although he was heavy and slow he wasn't plodding, there were a sort of ease in his motion. It was if he had made a decision to loose weight by regularly running and was carrying out a plan in a calm, methodical and relaxed manner. Every day he was there doing the same route, there and back.

Over time I could see how it worked and how he gradually got faster and changed his shape. But his attitude never changed: the calm look was always there, his running was easy, and his t-shirt always looked freshly pressed.

I know nothing more about that man than those small glimpses over a period of time but he is an example to me. He shows what can be done by sticking plan and not forcing anything. All you have to do is get out most days: be regular and be patient.


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