Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sometimes There Are Valid Excuses

This would have not been acceptable for Janathon but it is now February so it doesn’t matter so much. But even so there was  no exercise for two days!  How could this be?
So let me make my excuses - there were far more important things to be done.
Over the weekend we were babysitting and so did not have time to do anything else than mess about and rediscover my stacking-beaker skills (amongst other things).
There is no reason to write about this on a running blog except to show my lack of dedication. I do not call myself a soft-core runner for nothing!  Someone serious would have packed their kit and taken advantage of an odd half hour to ensure they kept up their regime. I didn’t even think about it.


womble said...

What a cute reason!!! I love your photos and this one is no different!

Highway Kind said...

Karen How are you doing?

It is good to hear from you