Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Beginning

Run - 3.96 miles, Time - 44min, Weather - milder but still grey and bleak
Now there are no excuses - snow and ice have cleared and the temperature has risen a few degrees. For the first time in 8 days conditions are good and it is time to resume training.
Obviously the benefits of some of January's work has now dissipated - but no matter. Always the motto is onwards and upwards. So back to the base training with a gradually build up, every other day. Sometime I will eventually reach a reasonable weekly mileage.
The trouble with base training is that there is no much to report. You chug along, concentrating on your pace to maintain easy breathing, and that is all there is.  You can look around and try to notice something about my surroundings but on many days there is nothing particular. Today was one of those days. I passed a few pedestrians, sometimes I went into the road, sometimes there was space on the pavement. This is hardly the stuff of a gripping narrative!
I beginning to wonder whether I should change my habits and run with music. As my tastes veer to the miserablist most of the songs on my iPod are probably suitable. At the moment I am listening to Gillian Welch. I don't think any of her tracks would make it onto a compilation of best music running music but in the world of base training she might just do a job. We will see.
I didn't take any photos today so I am posting the picture of the moorhen on the slushy ice as a memory of what it has been like this past week.

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