Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Do Something

Walk- 5 miles, Time 1.5hrs, Weather - cold wind, grey

It is one of the clichés of political history that revolutions tend to happen when conditions have slightly improved. Similarly winter feels more bleak and miserable when snow is gradually melting. The brightness of a fluffy white covering gives way to a grey, mucky slushiness, whilst grey clouds and a still cold air combine to make the scenery look joyless. The photo is meant to illustrate something of this.

There is no technical reason why  I can’t go for a run - although there is still ice on the pavements around my house, I can easily work out a route that is clear underfoot. The problem is I just don’t feel like it. A bad case of CBA syndrome made worse because I have lost momentum. Because I have had a break I feel like it will be starting again, again.

If I do not feel like running then at least I can walk. 5 miles makes me feel I have done something and lifts my mood. As this is one of the reasons I run, it makes a decent substitute. On these grey days it is important to do something. It doesn’t matter too much what - it just has to be something.

P.S. I wonder if CBA (can’t be arsed) syndrome has been pathologised yet? If the American Psychiatric Association are consistent in their attempt at turning mental inconvenience into illness, it should be. (There is an article here about the extension of the definition of mental illness in DSM-5).

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