Monday, November 21, 2011

2011 Streak Day 295 (Tuesday October 25th): Going backward to go forward

2011 Streak Day 295 (Tuesday October 25th): Run 2.75 miles, Time 26.08 Weather mild but the sky is a mixture of different types of cloud

The sky behind the tree is not blue- it is slate grey however it is lit up by bright sunlight. It is a day that does not know its own mind. Is it a pleasant, sunny day where you can relax and feel happy about how mild the weather is this late in the year, or is it overcast and threatening serious rain. In the end it did a bit of both (though the rain was not serious).
It went out when the sky was light grey. Good running weather but that did not make any difference, I am still running through treacle. I don’t know what to make of this. Should I be worried or should I just carry on in the belief that persistence will bring its reward and I will get fitter. One of my underlying principles, and one I have constantly repeated on this blog, is that consistency is everything and you have to keep on keeping on. But, and this is quite a big but, another underlying principle is that you should listen to your body and at the moment my body is telling me something is not right.
I will think on this but my feeling is that I will have to swallow some pride. I will have to admit to myself that things are not as I would like them and for the moment I am only able to run very, very slowly. If I want to maintain consistency I will have to use my heart rate as a guide and ensure most of my miles are easy.

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