Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Streak Day 294 (Monday October 24th): Walking with a purpose

2011 Streak Day 294 (Monday October 24th): Walk 9.26 miles Time 2:56 Weather overcast but pleasant enough

This was another example of us trying to not use the car whenever possible. it would have been very easy to have hopped in and driven the 4.6 miles, looked at floorings and then driven back. But no! We decided we were made of sterner stuff and a walk by the canal would be much more enjoyable; and so it proved.
There is nothing to beat the warm inner glow (or smugness, if you prefer) that comes from feeling you have done something virtuous. 
However the downside, and there is always a downside,  is that it takes a chunk of time and when you get back you feel a little weary and less inclined to get going on other things. After sitting around for a short while thinking about what should be done, the virtuous glow soon fades.
The picture is of something that amused me on the walk: two ducks, side by side, preening themselves. When I started to watch they were in synch with their movements, lifting one foot then putting it down pretty much at the same time, but when I reached for my camera their choreography had become ragged. Nevertheless it shows how different types of duck are relaxed in each others company, something I never cease to marvel at when I see them on the canal.

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