Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 Streak Day 292 (Saturday Oct 22nd): Changes

2011 Streak Day 292 (Saturday Oct 22nd): Walk 2 miles, time 40min, Weather - sunny and remarkably mild for the time of year.

Busy all day until I realised I had time to either go for a walk and take photographs or run and not take photographs. As the sunset light was bright and beautiful I went out looking for pictures.
Gantries and power cables of the West Coast Main Line railway might be an unlikely subject for a picture but they glinted yellow in the setting sun.
It is here that the mainline canal and railway run side by side. Now they occupy different worlds. The canal is mainly for leisure with its attraction being its relaxed pace. The train is rushing people to Birmingham, Manchester or Scotland. 150 years ago the contrast would have been more poignant with the old method of transporting goods being superseded by the new. The longboatmen would be able to see the trains pass by and with them their trade.

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