Monday, March 08, 2010

Nice Run - Not Much Happened

The house opposite has just been repointed and today the workman was finishing-off by putting back the fixings, including the name and number. It is No 99 and unfortunately he put it upside down. For some reason I got just a little bit more pleasure than I should from being helpful and telling him of the mistake - his sigh was a thing of beauty.

Other than that there is not much to say about my run. It was 11.5km at the slow, easy base-run pace. Every run at the moment is similar in intensity (i.e. low) but there is a certain amount of variation in route. Not a great deal as I tend to have some well trod paths but I always leave myself the freedom to put in extra loops or take out sections, depending on how I feel on the day.

As a runner I am not an explorer; I am remarkably content to go to the same places again and again. Perhaps I have the memory of a goldfish but I don't get tired of repeatedly seeing the same things. If boredom and weariness come it is not because of familiar surroundings but because I am tired within myself. Often the weather sets my mood (which is why I struggle so much in January and February) but today was clear and crisp - perfect for keeping moving. Everything felt fresh.

The stats for last week were: 4 runs, 1 cycle ride. Distance run 36km, cycled 29 miles. (Odd how I mix up the units but over the past couple of years I have started to use kilometres for running). Not huge totals but the aim is to gradually build up.


buryblue said...

good thing your neighbours number wasn't 666 or you might have felt you were living through a scene from a creepy movie!

Phil said...

Thanks for the comment about Farndon. What a nice place you used to live. Did you ever do the 10km race here?