Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photothon 21: village decoration

Run date: ! July

This comes from the small village of Massac and I don't really understand the picture. It is some sort of ancient press but what it pressed I know not. It will have had something to do with the work of the village in the past but is now used as decoration. That is all I can guess

In all the local villages there are such touches. They spend some of their local taxes to keep things looking bright. Round the corner from this press there is for example a big tub of flowers. Over the past decade the number of outsiders coming in and renovating properties which would otherwise have been abandoned has increased this tax take and the villages do look smarter.

In our village the equivalent picture is of the old, disused, pump, which has been given a new coat of paint and stands proud in all its maroonness.

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