Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Plodding Hippo is Pretty Nippy

One of the great things about running is that you can take genuine delight in the achievement of others. Because we have internal goals that are untarnished by the accomplishments of others, we can look with a clear eye at and enjoy other people's successes. From the fast to the slow there is an awful lot to celebrate.

The London Marathon is, of course, full of stories of wonderful accomplishments but the one that gives me the most pleasure is of someone who has broken her personal best by such a wide margin she will have to start a new page and look at herself as a different type of runner. Plodding Hippo had previously run over 70 marathons, not broken 5 hours and thought of herself of someone who chugged around at the back. On Sunday she not only broke 5 hours she broke 4hrs 30. Brilliant.

It just shows what determination, consistency and character can do. However I reckon the biggest challenge will be changing her self image. It takes a long time and whilst the mind is coming to terms with the new found speed it can act like a brake.

Anyway all I want to say, if she still reads this blog, is many congratulations


b-z said...

dead right about rhe image thing, despite being 2.5 stones lighter and having done five marathons under five hours now-i still think of myself as the plodder at the back

Thank you BTW

Highway Kind said...

Hello Hipps

Really pleased to hear from you again.

Congratulations on your achievements