Friday, April 25, 2008

More Cheers From The Sideline

So a short time after celebrating the performance breakthrough of Plodding Hippo I really must do the same for my sister and brother-in-law. Last Sunday they ran the Vancouver Sun Run in 54 and 46 minutes. Last year they completed the run in 63 minutes so their improvement is brilliant and even more satisfying is that they did it together and could feel good about themselves and each other.

I am full of admiration because I know of their whole-hearted, honest approach and desire to do things properly. The schedule they followed was the Sun Run's run faster schedule and it shows what can be achieved by being disciplined enough to follow good advice

I am on the sidelines cheering and thinking again of that poem read out at last Saturday's wedding

All the happiness in the world is caused by wanting the happiness of others
And all the unhappiness is caused by wanting happiness for yourself

Now you could logically argue this is not totally true but it does contain a fundamental truth. The great thing about mass runs like the London Marathon or the Sun Run is that they are celebrations of endeavour. Thousands and Thousands of people are wanting or working for the happiness of others. Not only should the runners be saluted but also the supporters like Beanz, who travelled down from Derby to cheer on her Runner's World friends.

Yes it is good to cheer on the achievements of others.

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