Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Janathon 2013 Day 2 - Little and Often

Cycling - 11 miles, Time - 50m, Weather - mizzle

I thought it was just going to be grey and overcast today and so a rare chance to go for a ride without getting soaked. But what do I know? After I had been out for a short while dampness descended like a blanket and the cold, steady, drizzly rain never let up. It didn’t stop me enjoying the ride but I did shorten the route. I had planned about 15 miles but cut a corner so as to come home not quite drenched.

In the end though I thought the distance perfect: long enough to work both muscles and lungs but short enough to leave me feeling fresh at the end. I must remember this as a lesson: there is no great virtue in going further than you need. Obviously if you are training for a marathon your need is to prepare  for that distance and you need to go long but otherwise little and often, including a bursts or two at higher intensity, is a good way to build fitness. 

This brings me to my Stoic quote of the day, from Zeno of Citium, who founded the school:
Well being is attained by little and little, and nevertheless is no little thing itself.
Perfect. I told you Stoicism was a neat fit with running.

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