Monday, May 18, 2009

Reviewing Resolutions

Now is the time to look back at my objectives for the year to see if I have made any progress. If I am on target then I can feel pleasantly smug but if not there is still time to stiffen the sinews and try harder.

Damn! I have just looked at the list and found I have done virtually nothing. I might have kept running but for the others there are just the teeny tiniest signs of progress. This is not good, especially as I really wanted to find some reason to feel the warm glow of self satisfaction. Instead I will have to look for a hair shirt in the wardrobe and sign up for an evening class in self mortification.

So I have not entered any races nor have I lost weight – then plans need to be made. The sad thing is I am already too late for booking a place in a couple of marathons I fancied. Both the new Forest and Abingdon are full already. This just shows the difference between me and a properly organised runner. A proper runner will sit down at the beginning of the year, pick out a number of races and then schedule the year around them. Me I have a vague idea that I will do a marathon in the autumn and will only think of the actual race much later. It never occurs to me that other people get up early and put their towels on the sun loungers

Nevertheless there will be a marathon and the shorter distance races can be worked around it. However losing weight requires a bit more resolve as it is all about attitude of mind. The principle is very simple: control of portions so that I only eat a moderate sized plateful at each meal, with a piece of fruit being the only snack allowed between meals. Eating slowly is one of the keys and if I do that I am more likely to feel happy with a smaller plate.

I believe in a gradual approach and only want to tweak quantities not exclude any type of food. After all eating is a sensual pleasure which should be celebrated. As a consequence I am prepared to take a long time to lose a stone. All I want is eat slightly fewer calories than I use each day. Sounds easy but it is actually quite difficult to do when training because the temptation is always to eat for 10k when I having run only 5. Nevertheless it can be done and now is as good a time to start as any.


Adele said...

It's so hard isn't it? You run for many reasons, maybe one of them is to lose a bit of weight, but running in itself makes you really hungry! I hope you manage to find a good autumn marathon, I find the goal helps a few of those other things click into place.

Highway Kind said...

Actually my motivation is the reverse. I do not run to lose weight I want to lose weight so that I can run better.

It just shows the way running can take over your thinking