Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Bridge Is Less Pretensious Than The Prose

I ought to pay closer attention to the different types of bridges that cross the canal. Mostly they are of a plain, functional design but every one is slightly different(unlike today’s motorways where the bridges seem to come from the same concrete mould). This one is Palladian and also a Grade II listed building. I find it quite pleasing and every time I run under it I think I am passing through a film set. It is part of the driveway to the Grove, which used to be the home of the Earl of Clarendon but is now a swanky hotel, much used by the English football team.

When I got home I had a look at the Grove's website to see if they said anything interesting about the building or the bridge - they didn't. But I did find this sentence: Our unique style is a mix of traditional elegance and hip, contemporary design which we call “groovy grand”.

You have no idea how much my head ached after I stopped banging it on the desk - it hurt more than the running.


jogblog said...

Groovy grand? Hmm, not a phrase I think I'll be using anytime soon.

Phil said...

I'm gonna try and use "groovy grand" in conversation over the next few days and note how many people pick me up on it.