Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Algarve

This blog is becoming as slow as my running. I have been back from the Algarve for a couple of weeks and not yet managed to post anything!

The running camp was such a good thing - the weather, people and activity were perfect. Below are a number of posts that describe some of the things I either learnt or observed. It does of course miss out a lot, like the pleasure of drinking coffee in a cafĂ© overlooking the beach at the end of a run or the taste of the oranges that look manky on the outside but are wonderfully sweet… But then you can have too much information.


C A D said...

OMG - so you're absent for ages whilst at camp and then l-o-a-d-s to write all at once!!!

Welcome back HK


Not sure if you saw... there's a new place which stays this time no matter what.

Glad you're back.

b-z said...

sounds fantastic
maybe next year

beanz said...

thank you for this - worth waiting for

Highway Kind said...

Glad you are back Cath.

Ruth - yes you should go

Beanz - I failed to identify your club mate. In the end I was too reserved to go round to all the ladies and ask them if they were a doctor from Derby.

beanz said...

never mind, HK, you obviously had a great time!