Wednesday, March 29, 2006

6 - The Trouble with Housework

The accommodation was quite austere. I had no problem with that, in fact I quite enjoyed the feeling of living like a monk.

I got into a simple domestic routine of keeping my few possessions in order, washing running kit, preparing simple meals mainly of bread, cheese and olives (and eating out at night). There was a pleasure in doing these small tasks. Because there was not much to do it was easy and I enjoyed the simplicity.

It gave me an insight about the pressure of housework at home and why it is a chore - there is just too much of it. No matter what you do there is always a lot more that could be done. Partly this is because of the amount of stuff we have (or have accumulated over the years). You not only own possessions they own you and need your attention in different ways.

It just reinforced the importance of this years resolution to get rid of unnecessary stuff.

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